Carmine Russo Sr

Carmine Russo Sr came to America as a small child in 1934. His parents didn't have a lot of money and so he helped out by doing odd jobs for carpenters in his neighborhood. As the years passed he naturally picked up the skills and knowledge and eventually came to realize that carpentry and building were what he loved and wanted to spend his life doing.

In 1947 Carmine opened his own carpentry business and was quickly became successful. Carmine's customers loved his easy manner and high attention to detail. Russo Construction's reputation grew quickly and Carmine became well known and respected throughout the greater Springfield area.

Carmine brought his son, Carmine Jr into the family business in 1969 and Carmine Jr brought his son, Carmine III on in 2002. Carmine himself is retired now but still serves on the Springfield Rotary and frequently visits Russo construction sites to check in with progress and make sure everyone is working up to his high standards. So do not be surprised to see him if you work with us... we're a family through and through!